Brian McRae

Team: Top Flight Sim Racing
Car Number: 25
Sponsor: Top Flight Computers 
Home Austin, Texas
Birth year: 1970


Driver Brian McRae is a married father of 3 boys (22, 20, and 10) from Austin, Texas. He is the lead driver and team owner of Top Flight Sim Racing, and has been competitively racing on iRacing since 2019, including several nationally broadcasted series.

Brian’s racing roots go all the way back to Pole Position. The fires were stoked with the original Gran Turismo, then Forza, and finally the pinnacle, iRacing. iRacing re-ignited his passion for all things racing, including a deep love of NASCAR. On the weekends you’ll find the ARCA, Truck, Xfiniti, and Cup Races on TV somewhere in my house!

Top Flight Sim Racing fielded a four-car Xfinity team for the SESRA Pro Series, broadcasted nationally with sponsors like Dr. Squatch Soap, Xero Shoes, and Top Flight Computers.

Top Flight Sim Racing also runs a wildly successful endurance racing team, winning the 24 Hours of Nurburg Ring twice, winning the 12 Hours of Sebring, winning the Petit Lemans, and achieving podium finishes at Le Mans and Daytona (3 times).

Brian has been searching for the perfect stock car racing league, and he’s found it with the Old Bastards. 30+ cars on track and nobody puts a wheel wrong, everybody is fast, and it’s the cleanest racing out there bar none. As soon as Brian ran his first race at Kansas, he knew he wanted to be part of this league.

Fun fact – Brian has yet to win a pro sanctioned league stock car race. That ever-elusive first win drives him to get better and better every race. See y’all on the track! #dontmesswithtexas