Our Mission

The Old Bastards Racing League founded in July 2013, providing the most realistic virtual racing experience possible. The league prides itself on close, clean racing with an emphasis on quality “race-craft” and the camaraderie of friends.

Our league members value clean, close racing with other sim-racers who respect true race-craft. Advancements in technology have given us the ability to not only provide an incredible on track experience, but an exciting off track experience as well. The league features a driving school with many practice sessions to help all drivers improve their race-craft and driving skills.

If you are looking for a league that features close door to door racing with a lot of give and take driving with drivers that always show respect to their fellow competitors, by applying great race-craft, then the Old Bastards Racing League is the place you are looking for.

Visit the OBRL website at https://oldbastardsracing.com it is user friendly designed that allows drivers to monitor their series standings, view race photos of event winners, and obtain detailed information for each scheduled race and much more.

Our Vision

The league sends out regular weekly communication with members. Rules are clear and readily accessible on the league website. Every week drivers receive an e-mail race bulletin that contains all the pertinent information for their next scheduled race and practice sessions. Every race begins with a pre-race drivers meeting and a post-race congratulation and discussion. Members know that they are a part of something bigger than just the on-track experience.

We value each and every one of our members and encourage their input on future improvements to our series. We also encourage camaraderie amongst the members as it benefits of league racing week-to-week as it develops the trust between those drivers on track.

We provide a driving school with many practice sessions to help our drivers improve their race-craft and driving skills.
We teach the necessary skills to improve on close, clean racing with a big emphasis on quality race-craft

We are passionate about racing and strive to provide a well-managed, very exhilarating adrenalin pumping, door-to-door racing experience with very high standards of race-craft.

Thank you for visiting our site and look forward to having you as a valued member.


Mike Schrader

The owner of the Old Bastards Racing League. He has been in sim racing since the first Indianapolis 500 game was introduced, many moons ago. He ran a league for 10 years using the NASCAR Racing 2000 sim game, called NOSCAR.

OBRL Competition Director
Driving School Instructor
Trucks, Xfinity and Monster Cup Series Admin

Mike has over 40 years of real world racing experience in USAC (Indy Cars, Midgets & Sprint Cars), SCCA (Formula A & Formula 5000), CRA (Super Late Models), V8SC (Australia V8 Supercars) and NASCAR. Designing and developing engines (Valvetrain & Cylinder Heads) for these series and various teams. While at Ford Motor Company for 32 years, he was a senior technical specialist in Valvetrain & Cylinder Head design.

As you can tell, he is very passionate and experienced in racing and strives to provide a well-managed league, to establish a very exhilarating driving school experience with very high standards of race-craft.

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