The Old Bastards Racing League is the premier iRacing league and prides itself on close, clean racing featuring quality “race-craft” with an emphasis on the camaraderie of friends.


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Schedule For The Week



Scheduled Races Are Below


Monday Night Racing - Arca and Gen 4 @ 8:00pm 


Wednesday Night Racing - Nascar Trucks and '87 Legends @ 8:00pm


Thursday Night Racing-  Nascar Xfinity @ 8:00 pm


Sunday Night Racing -  Nascar Cup Series @ 7:00 pm


*All Race Sessions Begin with 1 Hour Practice       







Series Sponsors:

Top Flight Computers  -  Monday Night ARCA/Gen4 Series

VctryLnSprts -  Wednesday Night Truck/87 Legends Series

ButtKicker - Thursday Night Xfinity Series

YesterYear Racing - Sunday Night Nascar Cup Series


Nascar iRacing ARCA Hemp Shack National Series iRacing Race at North Wilksboro
Thyroid Fixer Truck Series
Nascar i40media Metro Ford Chicago Dash For Cash Race at Daytona International Raceway
Nascar iRacing Metro Ford Chicago Cup Series Race at Daytona International Speedway

Latest Race results

🏁 Monday Night Results

🏁 Monday Night Results

Series Sponsored By:  Top Flight Computers

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🏁 Thursday Night Results

🏁 Thursday Night Results

Series Sponsored By: Buttkicker


ButtKicker® is an established and trusted leader in haptics.

The award-winning line of ButtKicker brand haptic transducers let users feel low-frequency sound (bass).

ButtKicker brand products are used around the world, by leading PC and Console Gamers, used and endorsed by professional race drivers, and sim racers worldwide.

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🏁 Sunday Night Results

🏁 Sunday Night Results

Series Sponsored By: YesterYear Racing

YesterYear Racing™ (YYR) is a unique League on the iRacing platform that ties history to the present day.  Because of the many customizable parameters available in iRacing, each race in YYR is set up based on an actual historic race.  Race length, track, time of day, and weather all mirror the race that took place in history. In addition, the YYR League follows the rules and point system in effect during the period in which the historic series took place.


The launch of YYR will take place in March of 2024 and include only one series.  The inaugural series will be based on the 1990 NASCAR Whelen Modified and S.M.A.R.T. Modified seasons. Races will take place on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm EST after a 55-minute practice session and a 5-minute qualifying session.  The first race will be held on March 12, 2024, followed by 14 races throughout the calendar year 2024.  All races will be broadcast live by Marconi Entertainment, a line of business within Maconi Setup Shop LLC, and will have a producer and two broadcasters calling each YYR race.


There are three goals of YYR.  To provide a competitive, fun, and entertaining League for fans of both racing and racing history; to bring attention to short track stock car racing’s rich history; and to lobby iRacing to scan more short tracks that these cars race on.

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