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2022 Minimum Expenses $5200

Yearly Costs


OBRL 2023 Yearly Planned Budget Expenses

Below are the yearly planned cost to run and maintain the Old Bastards Racing League. The admins in the past have been footing the cost of running the league. From time to time over the past 5 years some members have donated to help, Every Penny Donated goes directly back into the League

All of this information below is for the Old Bastards Racing League to be completely transparent, so everyone will know where the league stands.

Website Hosting
All Costs Associated with Website Administration ( Hosting, Registration, Security , Plugins etc) $2000

Scheduled Practice/Race Session Cost in Iracing
$1000 ( Annual ) 

$25 per hour
1.8 hours per week =$1800 ( Cup Series )

Prizes/Payouts ( Not included in Totals ) 

OBRL 2022 Current Total Expenditures
Monthly $415
Yearly $5000 + Payouts

Any and all support is greatly needed to help offset the total expenditures above minus the contributions received.  It is a real eye-opener when to put the cost down on paper, I am not sure I have even gotten all the costs covered in the list, but generally most of it is listed.   This amount of fun is not free and it really adds up, We will continue to find Sponsorships / Lower cost solutions to provide the best value for every dollar spent in this league.  Donations are not Mandatory in anyway but every penny donated will go directly back into the league to keep giving back to every member. 

It all adds up. Please fill out the form above and give when you can, but only if you can. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.