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2020 Minimum Expenses $2415.36

Yearly Costs


OBRL 2020 Yearly Planned Budget Expenses

Below are the yearly planned cost to run and maintain the Old Bastards Racing League. The admins in the past have been footing the cost of running the league. From time to time over the past 5 years some members have donated to help, but nowhere near enough to offset the cost of running the league.

It take money to implement new and better things for the league. TeamSpeak as an example would add another $15 per month. What about broadcasting our races? Adding another series or two? You can see how this all adds up.

All of this information below is for the Old Bastards Racing League to be completely transparent, so everyone will know where the league stands.

Website Hosting
Monthly $79.95
Yearly $959.40

Scheduled Practice Session Cost
Weekly $7 7 – 2 hr practice sessions x $1.00 ea
Monthly $30.33 7 x 4.33 weeks (52 wks / 12 mo)
Yearly $363.96

Scheduled Races Cost
Weekly $6 4- 2 hr race sessions x $1.50 ea
Monthly $26 6 x 4.33 weeks (52 wks / 12 mo)
Quarterly $78 4 Racing Season (12 races each series w/week 13 off) 48 races x $1.50
Yearly $312

Text Alerts Via EZ Texting
$65.00 Per Month
$780 Per Year

OBRL Current Total Expenditures
Monthly $201.28
Yearly $2415.36

Any and all support is greatly needed to help offset the total expenditures above minus the contributions received. The admins are currently making up this difference and have been over the years. It is a real eye opener when to put the cost down on paper. This amount of fun is not free and it really adds up, WOW! It is getting tougher and tougher to continue covering this difference.

Guys, please find it in your heart to try and help out, any way you can. It all adds up. Please select the donate button and give when you can. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.