Jonathan Theer

Team: Sub-40 Racing
Number: 34
Sponsor: Google / Sea Dog Brewing Co
Hometown: McKinney, TX
Birth year: 1986

Jonathan Theer, a passionate sim racer hailing from McKinney, TX, discovered his love for competitive racing during the Covid-19 pandemic’s downtime. His journey into the world of virtual racing began as a hobby but quickly transformed into a full-blown obsession. Seeking camaraderie and a community that shared his commitment to clean and respectful race craft, Jonathan found his way to the Old Bastards Racing League (OBRL).

With a deep-seated enthusiasm for Formula 1, Jonathan’s dedication to precision and sportsmanship on the virtual circuit mirrors the values of the OBRL. Whether he’s navigating the digital tarmac or cheering for his favorite F1 drivers, Jonathan Theer embodies the spirit of a passionate racer and a true motorsport enthusiast within the OBRL community.

When not racing in the OBRL, Jonathan can be found traveling with his wife and son to Formula 1 races, on the golf course, or on the ice playing hockey.


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