Dave Nestor

Team: Strike-Line Racing
Number: 36
Sponsor: Davy’s Designs
Hometown: Whitehall
Birth year: 1965


I grew up watching racing with my dad in the 70’s when racing was only on TV on rare occasions. Racing, bowling and football were the main sports that caught my interests.

I have been a bowler since I was old enough to stand up, and have worked in the industry since I was 18. In the 90’s I drove dirt track dwarf cars for about 5 years until the money ran out, still to this day I would jump in a racecar if given the opportunity.

I am currently a Design Engineer for Brunswick Bowling Products. My background is in metal and wood fabrication but have recently been learning a lot of 3D model CAD design.

I got started racing online with NR2003 and eventually joined iRacing where I have stayed. I have always enjoyed painting cars for myself and others.

I love to race online with guys that respect each other and race clean. This has been the best league experience I have had since I got away from NR2003, I am proud to be a member of OBRL.