Jeff Lyden

Team: HardOnIt Simulation Motorsports
Number: #39
Sponsor: Piggly Wiggly / Nestle Quik
Hometown: Tomah, WI
Birth year: 1965


I am part-owner of Lyden Auto Body, Inc. which has been our family business since 1987. Before that, I was a “nuke” serving onboard the USS Enterprise in the US Navy. I received my nuclear training at the S5G plant in Idaho and Nuclear Power School in Florida.I grew up in Wisconsin watching Dick Trickle and Larry Detjens.
I became a huge fan of Ernie Irvan once he came on the scene and NASCAR hasn’t been the same for me since his retirement.

I have been sim racing on and off for quite a while. I first started with the Hawaii online and then moved over to Nascar Racing 2003. I found a league (American Sim Racing League) where I actually won a season before the league switched over to iRacing. I joined iRacing years later. Eventually finding the OBRL and realizing how good everyone is (or maybe how bad I am). But I love being here with you guys as it doesn’t matter where I finish as long as I am still having fun and I don’t screw up another driver’s race. The OBRL is well set up and administered with the best racers I have been able to compete against. The racers are also very respectful and helpful.

When I am not working or sim racing I like to spend my time with my wife, Wendy, and our 2 cats…yes, I am that cat person. I have 2 college aged daughters who play hockey so I spend time either catching their games online or sometimes in person. And if there is still a sliver of time left I will probably be found on a golf course.



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