Crank Bell

Team: Free Agent
Number: #41
Sponsor: T-Rex Express
Hometown: Johnson City, TN
Birth year: 1977


Crank is a retired Air Force Weatherman that served over 20 years. He set his aside his dream of racing cars to serve his country at the age of 22 and now lives out that dream through iRacing. He’s now the Operations Manager of Crockett Ridge Golf Course in Kingsport, TN.

He made the decision to start sim racing in late 2018 instead of investing in his own Legends car. He said, “it just makes more sense to put the money into a nice simulator rig that I can race almost any discipline on any time I want to and not have to worry about tire expenses and somebody wrecking me and tearing up my real car.”

Crank is sponsored by the T-Rex Xpress, an over the road owner operator Army Veteran and by the K-Bar N Grill owned by Kenny Boy, a Bravo 1/9 Marine Vietnam Veteran