Andrew Hess

Team: DarkHorse MotorSports
Number: 54
Sponsor: Hess Gas
Hometown: New Lenox, Illinois
Birth year: 1985

Andrew has been an avid motorsports fan since birth. The first 2 vhs tapes in his library include the 85 Bears Super & the 1988 Indy 500. What started out as an indycar fan, has quickly grown into other forms of motorsports. Living just outside Chicagoland Speedway, has only fueled this pashion as well. Having been all but 2 races there since it was built. If it has 4 wheels and goes fast, he’ll watch it.

Andrew has been sim racing since the early 90s, starting with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. Eventually graduating to iracing in 2010. He has had a variety of successes, included 3 iRacing Indy 500 open wins, 2 iRacing Daytona 500 open wins, and 1 Daytona 24 Hour overall win.

League racing is definitely the best part of sim racing. Other than a few select races yearly, you’ll find Andrew in a league race. He has won championships in RCRL & CORT, and has the goal of winning now in the OBRL. OBRL is the best league community & atmosphere, that really makes racing fun.


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