Tony Romack

Team: Cyber Motorsports
Number: #64
Sponsor: Clear Sky Logisticsl
Hometown: Brownsburg
Birth year: 1964


discord: Cyber MotorSports/Aviation

Hello Drivers!!
I’m a retired UPS semi driver after 28 years of service. I had to retire due to lung cancer. I drove the double trailers out of Indianapolis. My work handle was “CyberRacer” “Cyber” for short. I started driving for a living when I was 17 and always wanted to race cars but never got the opportunity in real life so online it is.
Started online racing back in 1997 thru a web service called TEN. They hosted the NASCAR series made by Papyrus. VR has brought me here in search of quality racing.
Highlight of my sim racing was around 2000 when a guy created “Like Real Racing” where we rented out hotel banquet rooms and brought our stuff and raced! guys came from everywhere. The very first event was at Charlotte NC and Dale Jr came and raced with us, this was right before he came out of Busch but was already signed up with Budweiser. What a humble guy to come and race with a bunch of wanna be’s and hang out with us, I’m forever a fan because of it!. I’m also into flying MSFS2020 in VR, once you go VR there is no going back to 2D..

Cya on the track!