edwin post
edwin post

Edwin Post 

Team: EJ Motorsports
Number: 79
Sponsor: Jack Daniels
Hometown: Kenai, Alaska
Birth year: 1954

I am retired Oilfield Trash. I worked O&G Pressure Pumping Services for 37-years, all for the same company, BJ Services. I held many technical & operations positions starting in Galveston, TX moving to Anchorage, AK then Rock Springs, WY and then back to Kenai, AK. I survived many downturns in Oil & Gas but then laid off in 2015. Finished my career with an awesome company Swagelok.

I’ve always been a NASCAR fan. I remember watching races on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. It took forever but I went to my first race in Las Vegas 2000. So far in retirement I’ve attended the Atlanta race 2019 and a bucket list race the 2020 Daytona 500.

I got started in iRacing April 2020 after watching a couple of the NASCAR Covid iRacing races. “I’m really glad I found the OBRL! Like others I prefer OBRL racing over official iRacing races. I continue to learn “Race-Craft” skills. My pace might be a bit slower but others respect me as I respect them … and that’s one reason I stick with it!”

Thanks everybody!