Sean Foltz

Team: Martin Foltz Motorsports
Number: 95
Sponsor: Ashley Furniture
Hometown: Westland, MI (Detroit area)
Birth year: 1977

I’m an Ashley Ambassador (truck driver) for Ashley Furniture and Distribution.

I used to road race at the amateur club racing level with NASA in the Great Lakes region. I have raced Mustangs and most recently raced a Porsche 944 in their 944 Spec class. I’ve raced at Mid-Ohio, Road America, COTA, and Daytona, just to name a few. I’ve been doing track/race events since 2003; September 2021 at Daytona was my last race.

I ran online races back in the Papyrus NASCAR 3 days (circa 1999) but stopped in the early 2000’s. I didn’t get back into online racing until 2020 with iRacing.