Nascar Thyroid Fixer Truck Series
The Thyroid Fixer Dr. Amie Hornaman
Nascar Thyroid Fixer Truck Series
The Thyroid Fixer Dr. Amie Hornaman


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The OBRL Wednesday Night Series Rotates Each Season between the Nascar Trucks and the Nascar '87 Legends and features very close and competitive racing for the average oval racers looking to improve their race-craft. Series Runs year Round  and is an Arrive and drive style format with fixed setups while experiencing close action packed racing with a lot of side by side racing. Races are longer than the iRacing series counterpart with 90% fuel, and Tire Limits making for pit stops and planning race strategy. Series places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. If you love truck and 87's racing, then this is your series.

How IPL System Work In Each Series:
• After Each 4 Race Segment  in a series - Driver establishes an IPL (incidents per lap) average
• Drivers who exceed Series IPL Limit (After 4 Races) - Will Receive No Grid on 5th Race
• Will be reviewed at every 4th race. If above IPL limit you will be required to start every 5th race from the pits as a penalty. ( No Grid Races are race #5/#9/#13 etc )

IPL (incidents per lap) 87 Legends 
IPL Limit 0.055

IPL (incidents per lap) Trucks
IPL Limit 0.050

Laps Needed To Lower Your IPL Is Based on Total Incidents Divided By Total Laps Completed Raced. It is not possible to determine how many laps it takes to lower your IPL by 0.001. It changes by the number of laps you complete.

If you quit a race prematurely, you will not lower your IPL, so It is to your advantage to run as many laps clean laps as possible to lower your IPL

Click Here For Complete IPL System

Practice Starts at 8:00 PM EST
Drivers Meeting 8:50 PM Mandatory
Qualifying 9:05 PM – 2 Laps 5 minutes
Race Starts 9:10 PM
To Race You Must Be In Practice By 8:30 PM
Fuel: Restricted 70%
Tire Limit: Yes (4)
Weather: Dynamic Weather
0 Fast Repair - 9 Incident Points  = DQ
Fixed Setups