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The OBRL ARCA Series introduces good old fashion stock car racing and if you love old time racing then this series is for you. The series features longer races, typically 100-120 laps in length compared to the iRacing series counterpart with 100% fuel and dynamic weather to allow drivers to experience close wheel to wheel racing with an emphasis on race strategy. The races typically finish with many cars pushing for position right to the checkered flag. The Series again places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. The ARCA Series is the equivalent to the Nascar iRacing National Series.

How IPL System Work In Each Series:
• Completion of 4 races in a series - Driver establishes an IPL (incidents per lap) average
• Drivers who exceed Series IPL Limit (After 4 Races) - Will be placed on a 4 race probation
• After 4 race probationary period - Drivers who exceed IPL limit will be suspended for 1 race
• Suspension for 1 race - Drivers who exceed the IPL limit after the 4 race probationary period
• After 1 Race Suspension - Allowed to resume racing for an another 4 race probationary period

IPL (incidents per lap)
IPL Limit 0.045

Laps Needed To Lower Your IPL Is Based on Total Incidents Divided By Total Laps Completed Raced. It is not possible to determine how many laps it takes to lower your IPL by 0.001. It changes by the number of laps you complete.

If you quit a race prematurely, you will not lower your IPL, so It is to your advantage to run as many laps clean laps as possible to lower your IPL

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Practice Starts at 8:00 PM EST
Drivers Meeting 8:50 PM Mandatory
Qualifying 9:00 PM – 2 Laps 10 minutes
Race Starts 9:00 PM
To Race You Must Be In Practice By 8:30 PM
Fuel: Restricted 100%
Weather: Dynamic Weather
0 Fast Repair - 7 Incident Points
Fixed Setups



ARCA Series Practice
ARCA Practice Available in first hour of Race Session on Monday Nights Starting at 8:00pm EST in League Sessions