2022 OBRL Kim Bowl

Manufacturers Cup 

2020 Kim Bowl Manufacturers Cup


Welcome to the OBRL Manufactures Cup. The Old Bastards Racing League will hold a manufactures cup for the METRO CUP series starting on week #1 at Daytona International Speedway. The manufacturers cup will be a race within the race

Points awarded as follows:The points system mirrors the owner championship points structure (this system started in 2017). Points will be awarded to the 6 highest finishers for each car manufacturer in each championship event according to the finishing position awarded for each race. Specifically, in the OBRL Cup Series, points will be awarded as follows (40 for 1st; 35 for 2nd, 34 for 3rd, etc. NO bonus points).

NO additional bonus points are awarded.

This will continue until the event is completed with the final race  at Pheonix Speedway. All drivers driving the manufacturer vehicle with the most points at the end of the season will receive a cash payout ($500.00) divided equally among all drivers who have supported that manufacturer throughout this event. That’s right, A cash payout. Please read below to understand the rules and regulations to participate in this event.

How Do I enter?
• Race with the manufacturer through the duration of the event/season
• Maintain a 80%  or greater season participation in the OBRL Cup Series series
• The OBRL Admin team will take care of the rest.

How much is it to enter?
• Nothing. That’s right, you heard correctly. Thanks to Patrick Milligan and E-Kim Bowl who has donated the idea and funds to support this event. Feel free to reach out to him and thank him for all he does for OBRL and the members of this league.

Who Can Participate?
• Any member in good standing with OBRL
• Any member who races 80% of the races for the entire OBRL Cup Series season

Can I switch Manufacturers?
• No, you must run the same car manufacturer through the entire event
• If you change manufacturers you will be DISQUALIFIED from this event.

Manufactures Cup Sponsored By: Kim Bowl

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