mike schrader

Michael Schrader

Nickname: Schraderman
Team: MJS Racing
Number: 4
Sponsor: Anheuser Busch
Hometown: Advance, NC
Birthday: 1949


Founder of the Old Bastards Racing League. He has been in sim racing since the Indy 500 game by Atari was introduced in 1977, many moons ago. He ran a league for 10 years using the NASCAR Racing 2003 sim game, called NOSCAR.

Mike has over 40 years of real world racing experience in USAC (Indy, Midgets & Sprint Cars), SCCA (Formula A & Formula 5000), CRA (Super Late Models), V8SC (Australia V8 Supercars), NHRA and NASCAR. Designing and developing engines (Valvetrain & Cylinder Heads) for these Series and various teams. While at Ford Motor Co. for 32 years, he was a Senior Technical Specialist in Valvetrain & Cylinder Head design. A disabled Navy Veteran 1969-1972.

As you can tell, he is very passionate and experienced in racing and strives to provide a well-managed league, to establish a very exhilarating driving school with very high standards of race-craft.