🏁 Congratulations Dwayne McArthur #67 RIDE TV Camry For Winning the Ailogs ARCA Series Race at Homestead Miami Speedway!
Eddie Jones #14 Red Bull Racing Toyota Finished 2nd
Patrick Michael #16 Kim Bowl Fusion Finished 3rd

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November 25 2019 the OBRL Nascar Ailogs CBD Oil ARCA Series is at ISM Phoenix Speedway for the Championship Race of the Season 4 2019 Ailogs ARCA Series. 

Eddie Jones is leading the Points Standings after the ISM Phoenix Speedway Race, Dwayne McArthur is 2nd, Kenneth Schulz 3rd, and Ralph Vander Vorste 4th. These 4 drivers will be contending for the Championship!

The ISM Phoenix Speedway Championship Race on November 25th will be intense, and expect to see close battles all over the track.

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November 19, 2019

Written By i40media