Big Changes!

To All OBRL Members

The Old Bastards Racing League move and Welcome to Season 1 2018

Just wanted to send out a very special Thank You to all of you for being a part of the Old Bastards community. We look forward to continuing the Old Bastards Racing League traditions as we transition to the new OBRL website. Please join us at the new league website. This new site makes the league look more consistent, organized and professional looking.

We have our good and bad races from time to time and I wanted to take the time and just send thanks to all of you for making the Old Bastards Racing League what it is. Without you its members we wouldn’t even have a league. It is my honor to lead the league for the past 4 years (Established 7/22/2013) and to help shape and build the league into what it is today. I look forward with all of your help, to keep improving the new Old Bastards Racing League as we go forward.

The Old Bastards Racing League has had a change in the administration of the league. As some of you have known that Kim Quick has decided to move on. As a result we have lost the old website, forum and simracerhub scoring system.

I want to especially give thanks to Steven Thomson for his dedication and efforts in helping me shape and reorganize the league. Steven Thomson has graciously stepped up and created the new website at or

All links to important information can be found there. He has set up Discord and will be taking over the ARCA Series Admin duties. He also will continue the FaceBook, Media and Recruiting Administration duties. Everyone, please help the league with recruiting, reach out to good drivers and invite them to check out the Old Bastards Racing League.

Guys Thank You very much, because without you this league wouldn’t be where it is today. I’m very proud to work with all of you to make this league as great as it can be. This league provides the best racing on the iRacing service bar none.

OBRL has retained the same structure, but for communications we will be moving from TeamSpeak to Discord for drivers meetings and general communications. We felt with Kim Quick leaving OBRL and starting his own league, the time was right to make a change to help control some of the costs. See the Discord instructions to setup.

We have rearranged the racing schedule with the ARCA Series moving to Monday evening, the Trucks Series to Wednesday evening, the Xfinity Series moving to Saturday morning and the Monster Cup Series staying Sunday morning, both of these series will following the NASCAR 40 week schedule beginning Feb 17th at Daytona. The Xfinity and Monster Cup Series seasons will begin with a short 9 week mini season to bridge us to the start of the 40 week seasons.

Exciting news for the Xfinity and Monster Cup Series. Thanks to Kenney Kulikowski who is working diligently on procuring a sponsor (more news on this later), we will have a traveling trophy and a smaller keep sake trophy for the winner of each series. The only stipulation is the winner of each series must agree to pass on the larger trophy. We started this tradition last season with the inaugural 2017 Monster Cup 40 Week Series.

In each of the Xfinity and Monster Cup Series 40 week schedule there will be 8 drop races for the 26 weeks needed to qualify for the chase playoffs in each series. This will allow new members joining the series a chance to compete and it also won’t penalize members taking vacations or missing for other reasons. In the end it still takes the best 18 weeks (races) to gain points to qualify for the chase playoffs.

OBRL will be running an extensive Practice schedule along with the Driving school to help with recruiting new members. For the Driving School all anyone has to do is request help. The website has a request form to help with this.

The website has an application form to make it much easier for new members to join the OBRL. Also there is a donate page to help with the cost of running the league. Website, forums, communication systems and races are not free. Later we plan to sell shirts and hats down the road  to help offset the cost of the league. Any help as always is greatly appreciated.

On another note, I know some of you think I’m way too strict, too gruff, seem to be too mean, basically intimidating, please do not judge a book by its cover. I want to assure you not to be afraid to reach out to me as I always listen and I’m easy to talk to, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

We as a team welcome any and all suggestion and comments. Remember, we are only the custodians of the Old Bastards Racing League and the members make the league what it is, to make it as great as it can be.

With all this in mind, please do not hesitate to reach out and Let US know how WE are doing, or you have any ideas or suggestions. I would love to hear some feedback from you to hear how your racing is going, what you like the most, maybe what you like the least, but all in all would love to hear your feedback. Please use the website and FaceBook to express yourself. Remember as a member this is your league.

Again thank you all for being here and we are looking forward to starting the new season and continuing the Old Bastards Racing league tradition. See you guys on the track starting on 12/11/2017 Monday evening with the ARCA Series.

Michael Schrader
Owner of OBRL
Competition Director
Driving School Instructor
Truck, Xfinity and Cup Series Admin
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All The Expenses are currently being paid for by the admins, Website Hosting, Practices and Races.