Nascar i40media Kim Bowl Dash For Cash Grand ARCA Series

Series Sponsor: i40media Kim Bowl

Series Info
Vehicle: NASCAR Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra
Day: Thursday Night 7:30 pm Eastern
To Race You Must Be In Practice By 8:30 PM
Practice: 80 minutes
Drivers Meeting: 8:50 pm – 10 minutes
Qualifying: 9:00 pm – 2 Laps 10 minutes
Race Start: 9:10 pm

Eligibility Requirements
Required Oval Rating: None
Required Oval License: Class D (4.0)
League Members Only
Required in Practice by 8:30 pm

Race Settings
Qualifying Format: Lone / 2 Laps
Setups: Fixed
Fuel: Restricted 60%
Race Distance: 60%
Weather: Dynamic Track: Dynamic
0 Fast Repair – 9 Incident Points Oval
1 Fast Repair – 17 Incident Points Road Course
Cautions: Yes
Driving Aids: Disallowed
Starts: Go on Green w/Double File Restarts – Lapped at Back
Lucky Dog On
Starting State 20% Carried Over
Marbles Auto-Cleaned During Cautions

Sponsored by Kim Bowl

IPL (incidents per lap) System

Starting with the roll out of the new 2020 seasons we will be implementing a new IPL (incidents per lap) system in each series. This IPL system will be scored individually in each series. The IPL system is designed to promote good race-craft, allowing drivers the ability to reduce incident point average, by continuing to run CLEAN laps.

Drivers will need to review their IPL average in simracerhub as they check the individual series standings. This new system will free up the Replay Admins and the workload of writing and posting of numerous penalties.

The simracerhub program, used for our scoring system is a very in depth program that records almost everything you do, while participating in one of the OBRL series. The goal of all drivers in each series must maintain an IPL average at or below the number specified in chart below.

How IPL System Work In Each Series:

• Completion of 4 races in a series – Driver establishes an IPL (incidents per lap) average
• Drivers who exceed Series IPL Limit (After 4 Races) – Will be placed on a 4 race probation
• After 4 race probationary period – Drivers who exceed IPL limit will serve a  No Grid Penalty for 1 race
• Will be reviewed at every 4th race. If above IPL limit you will be required to start every 5th race from the pits as a penalty.

IPL (incidents per lap)
IPL Limit 0.041

Laps Needed To Lower Your IPL Is Based on Total Incidents Divided By Total Laps Completed Raced. It is not possible to determine how many laps it takes to lower your IPL by 0.001. It changes by the number of laps you complete.

Laps Needed To Lower Your IPL Is Based on Total Incidents Divided By Total Laps Completed Raced. It is not possible to determine how many laps it takes to lower your IPL by 0.001. It changes by the number of laps you complete.

If you quit a race prematurely, you will not lower your IPL, so It is to your advantage to run as many laps clean laps as possible to lower your IPL

12 week Grand National & Cup Series
Allowed 2 race suspensions, plus an additional 4 race probation to get IPL average at or below the series limit (see chart). Failure to achieve this after 18 races, that driver will be suspended for the remainder of the season. Welcomed to comeback the following season to try again.

Last Race of a 4 Race Probationary Period

After the last race of a 4 race probationary period a driver can appeal his incidents, in the last race. This appeal is for a review of the responsibility of the incidents in the last race only.

To Appeal Last Race
• Fill out the appeal form on website
• Submit $10.00 with a 1 lap replay of each incident
• Replay admins will review to determine responsibility of the incidents
• If driver is found not responsible for incident, they will be removed in simracerhub and refunded the $10.00 appeal fee

All drivers who exceeds the IPL limit in a series, (after establishing an IPL average) will be put on a 4 race probationary period.

After the completion of a every season series, the IPL process resets and starts all over again in each series.

All drivers will need to review their IPL average. It is the drivers responsibility to know and control their IPL.

To View IPL Average:
• Go to the OBRL website
Select Standings
• Then select Series
• IPL can be rearranged by clicking on Inc/Lap

The i40media Grand ARCA Series prepares you for the Old Bastards Racing League premier Kim Bowl Cup series. The schedule is 35 races in 40 weeks with races 60% in length of the real Nascar Xfinity Races, featuring superb oval racing, nice sized fields with an all around great experience. Featuring fixed setups and dynamic weather. This series features very close and competitive racing for experienced oval racers. Arrive and drive while experiencing close action packed racing with a lot of side by side racing. Races are longer than the iRacing series counterpart with 60% fuel, making for pit stops and planning race strategy. Series places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. . If you love racing in nasty, touchy and powerful machines, then try your hand in this series, it surely will prepare you for the Cup Series Series.


(L) Late Afternoon Race – Turns to Night

* Playoff Race

Season 2020 Grand ARCA Series Playoffs

After Week 28 – The top 12 drivers qualify for the playoffs to compete for the Series Championship – Round of 12
After Week 32 – 4 drivers will be eliminated – Round of 8
After Week 36 – The 4 remaining drivers will compete for the Championship, with the highest finishing driver being crowned the Series Champion

Note: the top 12 drivers after Week 28 will all start with 2000 points, then the highest finishing 8 drivers (points wise) after week 32 will advance on to next race. Same thing for race 36 except the highest finishing 4 (* See Note) drivers will advance to the final championship race.

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OB League Scoring and Statics page

Seat Time Racing School ARCA Series Recent Results

Seat Time Racing School ARCA Series Season Standings

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