The Truck Series Corrigan Oil 200 race at Michigan Int’l Speedway started with Dwayne McArthur #67 capturing the pole and Robert Vining setting the fastest lap of the race. Bobby McCormick gained 28 spots for the most positions gained bonus. The race produced many close battles for position through the field with many position changes. Thomas Ogle led the most laps with 30, with Joel Kilburn going on to capture the win. This week the drivers showed good race-craft, which resulted in 2 cautions with 5 lead changes and there were no disqualifications and 8 disconnects in a 32 truck field. The race ended with Joel Kilburn capturing his 1st win of the season with Josh Robinson finishing 2nd, Bobby McCormick nabbing 3rd and Mike Schrader finishing 4th.

The Truck Series Playoff Championship begins with the UNHO 200 at Bristol Motor Speedway. 2 drivers will be eliminated from each race to get to the final 4 drivers that will compete for the S3-2018 Truck Series Championship.

Truck Series Playoff 8 Qualifiers
1 – Dwayne McArthur, 2 – Mike Schrader, 3 – Robert Vining, 4 – Josh Robinson, 5 – Brian Glass, 6 – Thomas Ogle, 7 – Joel Kilburn, 8 – Eddie Jones with Alternates 9 – Bill Keener & 10 – Ken Schulz

This week the Truck Series moves to the Bristol Motor Speedway with the current points leader Dwayne McArthur looking to maintain the lead in the series. The question is … can he hold off the charging Old Bastards?

We shall see when the green flag drops at 9:05 pm Eastern time.

August 9, 2018
Written By Michael Schrader