The Monster Cup Series Sylvania 300 race at Rockingham Speedway started with Dan DeNayer #30 Cessna Sponsored Chevy capturing the pole and recording the fastest lap of the race. Kent “Big Time” Connolly #12 gained 7 spots for the most positions gained bonus. The race produced many close battles for position through the field with many position changes. Kent “Big Time” Connolly #12 led the most laps with 69, going on to take the win. This week the drivers displayed good communication, which resulted in 1 caution with 9 lead changes and there were no disqualification with 4 disconnects in a 16 car field ending with Kent “Big Time” Connolly #12 capturing his 2nd win in the series with Matthew Gibbs finishing 2nd, Dan DeNayer #30 Cessna Sponsored Chevy 3rd and Patrick Milligan capturing 4th.

Congratulations to Mike Schrader For Winning the Mini Schedule Championship

2nd John Hastings
3rd Bobby McCormick
4th Steven Thomson racing the #67 Ride TV Racing
5th Niels Clyde

This week starts the 40 week Cup Series with the Daytona 500 race at Daytona Int’l Speedway.
The green flag drops at 11:40 am Eastern time.

The Daytona race will be intense, and expect to see close battles all over the track.

We shall see when the green flag drops at 11:40 am Eastern time.