The 40 Week Monster Cup Series Crown Royal 400 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway started with Dwayne McArthur #67 RideTV Camry capturing the pole and recording the fastest lap of the race. Bobby McCormick gained 17 spots for the most positions gained bonus. The race produced many close battles for position through the field with many position changes. Mike Franklin led the most laps with 46, going on to take the win. This week the drivers showed good race-craft, which resulted in 1 caution with 7 lead changes and there were no disqualifications with 2 disconnects in a 22 car field ending with Mike Franklin capturing his 7th win of the season with Bobby McCormick finishing 2nd, Joel Kilburn 3rd and Peter Norquay capturing 4th.

This week the Monster Cup Series is at the South Point 400 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with the current points leader Mike Franklin looking to find ways to maintain the lead in the series. The question is … can he hold off the charging Old Bastards?

We shall see when the green flag drops at 11:40 am Eastern time.

In the Cup Series point championship, Mike Schrader in 2nd, Joel Kilburn 3rd and Brian Glass 4th and Dwayne McArthur 5th place.

The Las Vegas race will be intense, and expect to see close battles all over the track.

The Chase starts at Las Vegas with the Top 16 in Points Making the Chase: Congratulations to the Chasers.

Mike Franklin
Mike Schrader
Joel Kilburn
Brian Glass
Steven Thomson
Kenney Kulikowski
Patrick Milligan
Ken Huff
Dode Hoskins
Sean Beyer
Sam Maxwell
Bobby McCormick
Gary A Griffith
Ed Carpenter Jr
Niels Clyde
John Hastings

September 10, 2018

Written By Mike Schrader