Retired Drivers Profiles

Retired Drivers Or Drivers Taking A Sabbatical

Rob Connors #01

Rob Connors #01

Rob Connors

Team: RCR
Number: 01
Sponsor: Budweiser
Hometown: Daytona, FL
Birthday: 1956


Rob is married with 4 girls and 11 grandchildren. He retired after 38yrs with the department of defense as Branch Chief for the CNC programming department with over 250 CNC machines including 7,5, 3 axis water jets and lasers machines. Used Uni-graphics software for 3d modeling to program with. Most of the CNC milling machines and lathes were MAZAK at the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois.

Rob spent a lot of time in Cairo, Egypt making 23 trips at 4-6 weeks per trip setting up a factory to produce the M1A1 ARMOR TANKS in the mid 1990’s.

Now that Rob is retired, residing about 6 miles from the Daytona Int’l Speedway. He grew up in a racing family going to races since he was 4 yrs old, 3 nights a week at the Dirt Tracks in the Midwest. Rob’s Step Father (Ronnie Weedon), brother and himself all had their own cars Late Models and open wheel Modifieds. Then in 2005 my step father was tragically killed at 73 yrs old when the race car fell off the jack stand in a freakish accident. My mother would always be in the pits fixing our helmets with tear offs, scrapping mud off the car and also cheering section. He was just recently inducted in the Illinois Hall of Fame in 2012 with Andy Granatelli, Fred Lorenzen and Joe Shear.

In April of 2018 he was introduced to IRACING and after much disappointment with poor race craft and poor sportsmanship I found the Old Bastards Racing league and really enjoy all the Old Bastards Race Craft and sportsmanship with clean racing.


Josh Mayeu #02

Josh Mayeu #02

Josh Mayeu

Nickname: “Evil”
Team: Art of Fast Motorsports
Number: 02
Sponsor: Harley Davidson
Hometown: North Rose, NY
Birth year: 1980


Josh started Racing at the young age of 5 years old in what are called Microds. Racing Go Cart with suspension and roll cage. He was named Driver Of the Year in 1995 and 1997. Won the State Championship and Track Championship in 1997.

Moved up to 600 Micro Sprints where Josh is currently racing and has 12 feature wins and 1 Championship.

He started Sim Racing back on PS3 with NASCAR Heat. Switched to iRacing about 4 years ago and has never looked back. Josh says he is a patiently aggressive driver that will give you a run for your money.


Brian Mansfield #1

Brian Mansfield #1

Brian Mansfield

Team: Mansfield Motorsports
Number: 1
Sponsor: Combs Family Museum
Hometown: Odum, GA
Birth year: 1979


Brian grew up being involved in many forms of motorsports including truck pulling, dirt late models, dirt street stocks, and go karts. From just after birth Brian’s father had him at the race tracks and it has been in his blood ever since.

In 1994 he would begin to race go karts on the local level eventually working his way him to the state and national level. Some of his greatest accomplishments are winning the Florida State Championship and also finishing 3rd at World Karting Association Dirt World Championships.

He would eventually step away from the driver seat and begin learning the behind the scenes aspects of the business and started flagging races at local dirt tracks in 2003 then becoming race director for different tracks and series then from there he would find what he really enjoyed and that is announcing.

In 2006 he would start a traveling dirt kart racing series that traveled throughout Florida and Georgia while also having a series in Missouri he operated. During this time he was also the lead announcer for the World Karting Association National Dirt Series. Brian has also worked for Atlanta Motor Speedway on the safety/track clean up team for NASCAR.

Due to health reasons Brian had step away from motorsports in 2015 but recently found a way to announce again while staying closer to home by being hired by a professional wrestling organization as the ring announcer.

On his free time Brian enjoys time with his two children and also volunteering in his community and mentoring children and teenagers.


Raymond Casteel #2

Raymond Casteel #2

Driver: Raymond Casteel
Team: GPR Racing
Number: 2
Sponsor: Taco Bell
Hometown: Franklin, PA
Birthday: July 8, 1988

Ray is employed at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), specializing in CNC machining.

He has been into racing far as he can remember. Ray has been going to the races with his family. He also enjoys Radio Control racing and been in a few demo derby’s going back to when he was 16 yrs old.

Ray started iRacing back in Aug. 2016 and was hooked using a controller for the longest time. In July, 2017 he finally broke down and purchased a steering wheel with peddles. From that point on he wanted to upgrade more and was hooked. He wanted to join a race team and a league, is currently racing for GPR motorsports. Ray enjoys the most about league racing is the guys that you race with.

Ray says he may not be the fastest or the best driver out there, but he always give it 110% every race.

Robert Vining #6

Robert Vining #6

Driver: Robert Vining
Team: RacinGrafix Motorsports
Number: 6
Sponsor: The Pool Boys, Valvoline, Folgers
Hometown: League City, TX
Birthday: January 18, 1969

Robert is self employed – Roberts Web Design – 12 Years as a Website Design and Development Professional. Moved to Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media for clients over the past 5 years.

He started his love of racing as a child. Sitting and watching the Daytona 500, and back then… the Indy 500, were big events in his youth. Fast forward to Roberts teenage years, and street racing and performance Mopars were all he thought about.

At 23, Robert started working for a Transmission shop with no real mechanical experience other than what he had done in his garage and a year at a bicycle shop in high school. 90 days later, he had a full time job and never looked back. 8 Years later, Robert opened his first Transmission shop, and his love of racing allowed him to support a few real life racers along the way with Transmissions, Gears, a little sponsorship here and there… as well as crew for a few guys too.

In 2004, he pit crewed for the 2004 TSRS Late Model Champ Brad Hudak, SCCA D Sport Regional Champ Ralph Mayfield, and a local dirt limited modified for a buddy of mine Charlie. He raced 36 weekends that year. Needless to say… Robert was single at the time. Hard work, but a TON of fun.

Robert started racing online in 2004 with NR2003. DMP was big then, iRacing was not out yet, and he watched as the community peaked and dwindled over the next 4 to 5 years. Lots of Mods were made during that time though. Fun stuff. Robert was lucky enough to run with some great leagues back then, and even started his own with OSRL. He still runs an NR2003 paint site today…

He started iRacing in the first year, but met his current wife, had 2 awesome girls who are now 9 and 10, that helped him decide to put away my wheel for 10 years.

Fast forward to 2018, and Robert jumped on iRacing at the beginning of 2018 S2. Wow, what a difference 10 years makes for a ‘Sim’. There’s so much content today, it’s not even funny. The racing is amazing. You can find a race, any night of the week, and it’s really cool to find a great league like OBRL.

Thanks for all you do here guys! Glad to be a part of it and looking forward to this season!

Rick Mason #18

Rick Mason #18

Driver: Rick Mason
Team: NOVA Motorsports
Number: 18
Sponsor: MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems
Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Birthday: May 3, 1962

Rick have worked in the IT field since 1987. He currently work for the City of Manassas in Va. His first experience with ‘Online Sim Racing’ was with NASCAR 2003 and has been hooked ever since. Joined iRacing in 2016 and joined his first league later that year. Rick found Old Bastards Racing League in 2018 and was intrigued to say the least.

He didn’t think there were too many ‘Old Bastards‘ racing to begin with, but found very shortly I was wrong. Rick really enjoys racing with this group of guys. There is total respect for fellow drivers, but more importantly when he reference something prior to 2015, someone actually knows what I’m talking about!

Rick says he is not the fastest guy on the track, but that is ok. I don’t need to be. He can get good results with patience.
Being in a stressful job gave me two options for the weekends. An endless flow of Jack Daniels or OBRL So far it’s OBRL by a nose.

Jimmy Todd #20

Jimmy Todd #20

Driver: Jimmy Todd
Team: Revved Up Racing
Number: 20
Sponsor: Menards
Hometown: Steelville, Mo
Birthday: May 26, 1985

Jimmy began his sim racing career in 2008, racing rFactor at Freedom Motorsports Sim Racing League. RFactor was just the beginning as Jimmy continued on to race ARCA Sim Racing, which eventually led him into iRacing.

Jimmy’s passion for racing extends beyond the sim racing tracks and into everyday life as he is a dirt racer at heart. He began dirt racing in 2003, running a street stock at I-44 Speedway. He then moved to the Racing Association of Mini Stocks series in 2004, traveling across Missouri racing at dirt tracks all over the state. After 2004 Jimmy hung up his helmet for a bit, starting a family, but the racing bug never went away. In 2018 decided to reenter the dirt racing world with his two children by his side.

Besides dirt racing, Jimmy is an avid NASCAR fan and can be found on race days cheering on his favorite driver, Kyle Busch.

Ray Caton #20

Ray Caton #20

Driver: Raymond Caton
Team: Raygun Racing
Number: 20
Sponsor: GadsdenArms and American Tactical
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Birthday: December 25th, 1945
Facebook: Ray Caton

Ray served in the USMC from 1965 to 1968. He also served as a City of Rochester Firefighter from 1971 to 1991.
As a retired as a Fire Lieutenant, owner and operator of a firearms and sporting goods business from 1970 to 1996 and a gunsmith from 1967 to present, Ray still works three days a week gunsmithing at Amchar wholesale Inc.

He loves IRacing, hunting, fishing, competitive shooting and 4 wheeling.

Ray has five sons and 9 grandchildren that keep him busy.

Mike Grayson #21

Mike Grayson #21

Driver: Mike Grayson
Team: Grayson Racing
Number: 21
Sponsor: Purolator
Hometown: City, Oklahoma
Birthday: December 8, 1971

Mike has worked as a Support Mechanic for an airline for 17 years. Prior to that he worked in a steel shop as a helper and welder.

He has always loved racing games, from the Atari 2600 to the Sony Playstation. Mike had several of the NASCAR EASport games which he really enjoyed. Early in 1998 he bought his first computer and a Thrustmaster NASCAR Pro Digital 2 steering wheel. He spent a significant amount of time playing his first real PC game – NASCAR Heat. The in 2002, he stopped playing any racing games and began playing the Battlefield FPS franchise.

November 2004, when World of Warcraft came out, Mike became totally immersed in it until June of 2017. Then in June, he stumbled upon iRacing. Out came his old Thrustmaster steering wheel and starting racing the Rookie Street Stocks. Mike didn’t have a clue to what he was doing, but the thrill and adrenaline rush from racing in close proximity to other cars operated by real people blew him away. In his excitement Mike began investing in better equipment to enhance the Immersion of the game.

Mike’s wife of 20 years and all of his friends were shocked and wondered what game could take him away from World of Warcraft. His response to his friends and family is “it’s not a game, it’s a sim!” They all roll their eyes, guess they will never understand.

Jason Schrader #22

Jason Schrader #22

Driver: Jason Schrader
Team: Schrader Enterprises
Number: 22
Sponsor: American/Miller High Life
Hometown: Dothan, Alabama
Birthday: April 8, 1972

Jason has been doing helicopter maintenance and repair going on 9 years at Fort Rucker, Al. He has his Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licenses going on over 10 years. Jason is originally from Michigan, but had to relocate to Alabama, because of the job.

His hobbies include building wooden model ships, and pretty much anything that has to do with modeling such as, iRacing, Painting cars for iRacing, He has also started to get back into watching the NASCAR races, because sim racing has rejuvenated his interest in racing again.

Jason wants to personally thank all the Admins and members that make the Old Bastards Racing League what it is today. “He personally believes there isn’t another league on iRacing that is as good as the OBRL, PERIOD!”

Mike Franklin #25

Mike Franklin #25

Driver: Mike Franklin
Team: Riden Shotgun Motorsports
Number: 25
Sponsor: Folgers
Hometown: Athens, TX
Birthday: November 3, 1974

Mike has spent the last 18 years working for Natural Gas Services Group working on high pressure natural gas compressors In the oil fields of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Mike enjoys working on his Mustang GT, gaming, IRacing, gun range, but most of all spending as much time with his two daughters one being a Junior at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches, TX and the other a Cheerleader at Athens Middle School.

After getting interested in NASCAR, Mike instantly became a fan. Before joining IRacing in 2013 the only experience he had with any type racing simulation was the NASCAR games on the PlayStation gaming system. Mike joined the Old Bastards Racing League looking for like minded drivers.

Ed Carpenter Jr #29

Ed Carpenter Jr #29

Driver: Ed Carpenter Jr
Team: E & J Motorsports
Number: 29
Sponsor: Publix Supermarkets
Hometown: Newnan, GA
Birthday: April 24, 1971

Ed is a US Navy Veteran, served as a Cryptologic Technician in Operation Desert Storm from 1988-92. He is a retired Manager from Publix Supermarkets. Ed opened an automotive repair facility in 2010. He finally got the chance to “retire” full-time in 2016.

Ed is married for 20+ yrs, has 3 boys ages 19, 24 and 26. His oldest son currently serving in the US Navy as a MMN1(Machinists Mate Nuclear) on the SSBN 742, USS Wyoming.

Ed enjoys racing sims and started with the Papyrus NASCAR Racing on PC using only the w,s,a,d buttons! he is an avid fan of fps multiplayer games such as Battlefield 1.


Bradley Ray #30

Bradley Ray #30

Driver: Bradley Ray
Team: Patriot Racing
Number: 30
Sponsor: Lumber Liquidators
Hometown: McAdoo, PA
Birthday: December 16, 1969

Brad has been sim racing for a number of years. He enjoys clean competition and a good group of like minded people. OBRL has fit the bill for him from the beginning.

Looking forward to improving his race-craft and enjoyment level.

Dan DeNayer #30

Dan DeNayer #30

Driver: Dan DeNayer
Team: DoubleD Racing
Number: 30
Sponsor: Textron Aviation
Hometown: Wichita, KS.
Birthday: May, 1973

Dan served in the US Navy as a Aircraft Mechanic from 91-95 and has been with Cessna Aircraft Company since 1996 as a A&P Flight Mechanic and currently a Business Jet Flight Inspector.

1995 Dan started Sim Racing. He won the Nim Cross’s VRW Racing league Championship in 2002. Got to know Dale Jr. and started the Jr’s Race Place Group. 2004 he started ran the DMP Racing League with Kevin King, Bob Bryant and TJ Majors. He was part of the initial FIRST group using the IROC cars before becoming known as iRacing. Spent time developing the ARCA Racing Sim game.

Dan has been on FX TV NASCAR Drivers 360 and Speed Channels Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain and Inside NASCAR shows and featured in NASCAR Illustrated magazine about the DMP League.

Making friendships with fellow sim racers and getting to seeing drivers he recruited make it to the top of iRacing and even a NASCAR Cup Champion.

Other hobbies incl building & fixing computers and shooting guns.

Dan started following NASCAR when he was station in Virginia in the early 90’s and have been hooked since. He spent Saturday nights at Langely Speedway in Hampton, Virginia and loved it! The 1994 Bud 500 at Dover was my 1st ever NASCAR race weekend.

Dan also went to the Dale, Jr’s party at Jr’s. home after he won the 2004 Daytona 500. Went to the victory lane celebration. He also has celebrated with Martin Truex and Dale Jr. several times over their careers pretty much tops it all.

Brian Gavin #33

Brian Gavin #33

Driver: Brian Gavin 
Team: BG Sim Sport
Number: 33 
Sponsor: Skoal Bandit
Hometown: Monmouth, IL
Birthday: September 1969

Brian is a medical photographer with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the past 10 years in Temple, TX.  Previously, he was a civilian photographer with the Air Force at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California and is an Army veteran with 6 years as a combat photographer.  There was also an 8-year stint in Thailand as an English teacher and language program manager.

Brian enjoys doing anything with his kids, Sim Racing (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and Project Cars 2), flying in IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad & DCS World, and cooking.  He’s been dreaming of racing & flying in VR since the Papyrus NASCAR and Jane’s flight games and jumped on it when it was finally a reality.  Probably best that it didn’t happen until now because if I’d had this stuff in my younger days, I probably never would have met my wife.

Brian has never been fast and rarely win races but couldn’t really care less.  He just enjoys racing and pretending to be a race car driver.  He really likes racing with the same group of people each week when points and standings mean more and there is a sense of camaraderie.  The Old Bastards Racing League seems like a great group and he’s looking forward to many races with them.

Billy Wise #34

Billy Wise #34

Driver: Billy Wise
Team: The Wise Guyz
Number: 34
Sponsor: The Wise Guyz
Hometown: New Port Richey, FL
Birthday: December 18, 1975
Website : &
Other Social Media:

Billy is a lifelong fan of NASCAR and local track racing. He is fairly new to sim racing, only being on iRacing for 3 years and 2 years with a “legit adapted wheel”. Billy is paralyzed from the waist down from a tragic sky diving accident.

To be able to sim race, Billy uses a custom built racing wheel made by The wheel is customized so that he can use his hands for the throttle and brake.Billy Wise Simability Custom Wheel from

When not racing Billy fronts his band “The Wise Guyz“, playing guitar and vocals Lead singer/guitar player. His twin brother Bobby Wise is on bass guitar and their dad Thomas Wise on guitar and vocals. Teaching them at a young age, The Wise Guyz have been playing local bars since the early 90’s.

Billy is a short tracker that loves street stocks, modified, Super late models, but also loves plate racing at Daytona and Talladega SuperSpeedways.. Main sponsor of Local track driver #32 Ramond Vann 2015 EastBay champion


Dean Ayer #39

Dean Ayer #39

Driver: Dean Ayer
Team: Tru-Grit Racing
Number: 39
Sponsor: Folgers
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Birthday: April 8, 1951

Dean was a contract painter for 30 years, mostly working apartment complexes and office buildings, retiring in 2012. Now he raises chickens and cuts firewood.

He began Sim-Racing with the release of GPL Demo and then on through all the Papyrus offerings. Dean joined the Alpha team for iRacing in December of 2004 and began league racing in 2010 and has never looked back to official racing again.


Bob Wells #38

Bob Wells #38

Driver: Bob “Bad Bob” Wells
Team: Bad Bob Motorsports
Number: 38
Sponsor: Over The Top Paints, Gas Monkey Garage & SpeeDee Oil Change
Hometown: Penacook, NH
Birthday: December 2, 1972

Bob is employed at Concord Hospital where he is the manager of the Mail and Print Center.

Back in 1990 and 91 Bob was a volunteer on the Ricky Craver’s NASCAR Busch North Team doing various jobs. Bob’s Dad had a big influence on his racing interests and was the reason he followed the American Canadian Tour since the early 1980’s. Bob is a big fan of Ricky Craven and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Bob has been in sim racing since the Indy 500 game by Atari was introduced in 1977. He joined iRacing in January 2013 and has been a member of the Old Bastards Racing League for almost 4 years or so. Bob is a big fan of all types of racing, both in the real world and in Sim Racing, especially iRacing. Bob prefers league racing over the iRacing pick up races, because it allows racing with the same guys each week and you get to know the competition better. He believes it makes the racing better and most importantly, you develop friendships, learn and help one another. The Truck Series is Bob’s favorite and his wins at NHMS, Daytona , Tally and Bristol (I don’t have many), the have meant the most to him.

Kevin Pearson #41

Kevin Pearson #41

Driver: Kevin Pearson
Team: Steel Horse Racing
Number: 41
Sponsor: Mother’s Brewing Company
Hometown: Fair Grove, MO
Birthday: January 5, 1970

Kevin has been a NASCAR fan since he was a kid. He started sim racing in the late 1990s with NASCAR Racing 3.

After taking a few years off, Kevin A Professional ARCA Stock Car Driver,  returned to sim racing with iRacing in 2012. He has been participating in mostly league racing over the past several years.

Kevin enjoys racing others of a similar skill level and battling with those on the track that have the skills to race everyone clean.

David Gallion #45

David Gallion #45

Driver: David Gallion
Team: Boilermakers
Number: 45
Sponsor: Oculus
Hometown: Grayson, KY
Birthday: October 26th, 1961

David has been employed by Boilermakers local 40 out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky for 21 years and he has spent the last 15 years as a supervisor for a worldwide construction company (AP COM Power)

He has been in sim racing for so long that he has lost track of the time. He also enjoys flight sim’s. He says his first computer had only an 8 mb hard drive. I thought man I am in the money now. LOL

David really enjoys the Old Bastards Racing league. All though he has not been a member for very long, the old guys seem really love to rag on him. That is OK as David gives back more than he receives. Although he has only one win at this time, he has had a lot of help from the elder racer’s in the league. David says “If not for them, he would have still been way behind the learning curve”. He is not saying he knows a lot but, with their help, he has come a long ways.

Michael Knoll #49

Michael Knoll #49

Driver: Michael Knoll
Team: MKM Motorsports
Number: 49
Sponsor: Don’s Speed Shop/Performance Centers of America/Reilly Financial Group
Hometown: Metuchen, NJ
Birthday: August 8, 1969

Michael has been in Public Relations for 24 years

He is a fan of racing and motorsports ever since he can remember. His father worked for Don’s Speed Shop and Performance Centers of America as both Vice President and Treasurer and cultivated his interest in cars and racing.

Michael’s first real racing simulation was Papyrus’ Indycar Racing in 1993. He progressed through all the Papyrus titles and ended up in iRacing in September of 2008. Michael has been racing steadily since, but mostly in another league, which seems to have the same values as Old Bastards, but rarely does an oval stock car series.

He is a fan of anything on wheels including NASCAR, F1, Indycar and many others. His hobbies include flight simulation, fossil collecting, history and researching my ancestry. Michael found the Old Bastards Racing League by joining a practice at Iowa and had a lot of fun running in the practice.


Tim Matthews #54

Tim Matthews #54

Driver: Tim Matthews
Team: TMR
Number: 54
Sponsor: University of Kentucky
Hometown: Grayson, KY
Birthday: January 29th, 1979

Project Manager for a telecommunications contracting company based in Sandy Hook, KY.

He started sim racing at the age of 21 on “Dirt Track Racing” (‘DTR’) by Ratbag Games. In those days, it was dial-up internet and cheap Logitech controllers that made it happen. Obviously much different than today’s PC gaming industry.

Tim’s love for racing began at a very young age, as his father used to take him to the local dirt track races very Friday and Saturday night. In the small little town of Grayson Kentucky, where Tim grew up, there was a local dirt racing superstar named Black Jack Boggs. Tim’s father used to drive the car hauler for Jack, and Tim would often get to come along. As a young boy, he watched some of the biggest names in Dirt Racing fight it out every weekend from up on top the Boggs hauler. It was those experiences that sparked Tim’s passion for racing way back then, and it is those memories that are still fueling his passion for racing today.

Tim has been on iRacing for 4 years now and is looking forward to many more. If you would like to follow along with Tim’s iRacing career, go to and look up “TM54Racing.” There are hundreds of live streams from Tim’s past races and there will be many more to come. You can also find him on Facebook by visiting

Scott Schnabel #55

Scott Schnabel #55

Driver: Scott Schnabel
Team: SS Motorsports
Number: 55
Sponsor: NAVY
Hometown: Massillon, Ohio
Birthday: December 27, 1958

Scott has always been a sim racing fan going back to the days when you had to connect via modem to a server in Hawaii.  His ex-wife was thrilled with the phone bill that month.  Former member of BaddBoyzz Racing on NASCAR Racing 4.

He spent most of the 80’s and 90’s jumping out of airplanes for fun and enjoyment, amassing over 1500 jumps and 18 hours of free fall time.  These days Scott spends the summer weekends with his wife on our boat at the Lake Erie islands.

Scott’s son is a Nuclear Machinist Mate in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk VA, hence the sponsor.

Bill Rigdon #59

Bill Rigdon #59

Driver: Bill Rigdon
Team: CheckFlagCo Racing
Number: 59
Sponsor: QuikTrip
Hometown: Johns Creek, Georgia
Birthday: January 25, 1959

Bill (branded “Bogus Bill” during his days at Georgia Tech) is a veteran of the online racing wars, dating back to the old NROS days with the Papyrus “NASCAR Racing” titles, where he raced in the OSCAR league. Renowned for his uncanny knack for poor starts and even poorer finishes, he is known far and wide as “that guy who just hit the wall.” However, what he lacks in talent, he makes up for in incompetence. Bill has knocked around the online circuit for years, barnstorming from server to server before coming to iRacing and OBRL.

Growing up watching the local dirt-track warriors duke it out, and being a NASCAR fan since the sixties, Bill has been a die-hard Richard Petty supporter for over fifty years. “Short of the birth of my children and my wedding day, the 1979 Daytona 500 was the happiest day of my life,” he admits. As a child, he liked to pretend he was racing stock cars by competing with his friends on bikes. But, “had we had iRacing when I was a kid,” he muses, “I’d never have left my bedroom.” Now, he never leaves it because he’s just lazy.

When not strapped to his Oculus Rift, Bill is an Application Support Engineer for Manheim Auto Auctions and a part-time voiceover artist. His hobbies include barbershop singing, public speaking, tennis and long, romantic walks to the refrigerator.

Fun Facts:
– Bachelor’s in Applied Math from Georgia Tech
– MBA from Kennesaw State
– Four kids, one wife, two cats and a mutt
– 2001 Georgia Toastmasters Humorous Speech champion
– Runs number 59 for his birth year

Look for Bill on a rollback truck near you!

Dale Dailey #60

Dale Dailey #60

Driver: Dale Dailey
Team: HDR (Harley Davidson Riders)
Number: 60
Sponsor: US Army
Hometown: Copperas Cove, TX
Birthday: June 21, 1960

Dale has been racing online since the beginning of Forza. Joined my first online racing league in 2010 and then stepped up to iRacing in 2013. He is a one car team owner as Dale says he can’t make it to every race due to constraints (actually traveling for work and can’t take my racing computer on my trike…LOL).

He is employed with DynCorp Aviation a government contractor and his position requires him to travel from Texas to North Dakota. Dale tries to correlate his travel plans with some kind of racing venue, whether it’s NHRA, NASCAR, IMSA and even the local dirt racing. He try to keep his racing clean and have even taken himself out before taking someone else out of a race.


Jon Waters #76

Jon Waters #76

Driver: Jon Waters
Team: H2O Motorsports
Number: 76
Sponsor: Freedom Photoworks
Hometown: Belgium, WI
Birthday: May 16 1980

Jon is a graduate of UTI with a degree in Diesel Technology, working 2 yrs at Caterpillar. Worked full time on an ASA and part time NASCAR Remax team, Fanetti Motorsports with driver Scott Hansen, in 2000. Was in charge of the brakes, hubs, transmissions, and rear-ends and general maintenance for a stable of 6 cars.

On race weekends, Jon was the rear tire changer and assistant tire specialist working and getting tires mounted with BFG techs, for every race. After his 2 year stint with Fanetti Scott Jon called it quits, which left him looking for a direction. Jon joined the Army as a 15B Aircraft Powerplant Mechanic. While in the Army Jon seriously injured his left ankle in Hawaii and got medically discharged in August of 2006. Jon went back to school to become a teacher, Jon is currently teaching 5th grade in the Kohler school district.

Jon’s true passion and part time job is as a photographer at Freedom Photoworks and creating art. He works with teams and does individual, senior portraits, as well as HS sports photography. Jon also works with Road America and does special events, including the Xfinity weekends the last two years.

Ted Quincel #84

Ted Quincel #84

Driver: Ted ‘Chief’ Quincel
Team: Powerbase Motorsports
Number: 84
Sponsor: Monster Energy
Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL
Birthday: December 25, 1952

Ted spent 22.5 years in the Navy, achieving the rank of Chief and is a retired Navy Veteran. As you can determine, this is how Ted got the nickname “Chief” by being a retired Navy Chief.

Ted also has real world racing experience by being a member of the number 08 Multimedia Chevy Impala Hooters Pro Cup as a pit crew member for 2 Years. His duties included being the front tire carrier, gasman and jack man.

Ted has many years in the Sim Racing community, joining iRacing in back in 2010 and has been a member of the Old Bastards Racing League since 2015.

Ted says his favorite movie is ” Fight, Fuck, or go for your Guns” starring John Wayne, but we are having trouble finding it. It must be a very private collectors edition.

Joey Geiser #89

Joey Geiser #89

Driver: Joey Geiser
Team: J & C Racing
Number: 89
Sponsor: Husky Tools
Hometown: La Veta, CO
Birthday: October 15, 1977

Airframe and Powerplant certified lead mechanic for Textron Aviation for over 16 years.

Joey is a huge race fan from the mid 90’s where Pikes Peak International Raceway opened up his eyes to the sport of NASCAR. Born and raised in Colorado, Joey wasn’t exposed to racing, but once he watched his first race in person, he was hooked.

He always loved competition, so when he got hooked on racing, of course he had to go find a NASCAR game to satisfy that urge. NASCAR Racing 2 was the first racing game Joey purchased and was racing NR2003 up to 2014, which is when he joined iRacing. There Joey came across a guy who, unbeknownst to him, worked in the next hangar. Dan DeNayer was one of the best sim racers around and he invited Joey to his team where he was taught the fundamentals of racing and how to truly be a good sim racer.

It’s an honor to be in a league that promotes good, hard racing while being clean in the process. Joey couldn’t have found a better group of guys. They make him feel welcomed and are willing to help the same guys they compete against every week.

Joey has been a fan of NASCAR since 1997 and started sim racing on NASCAR 99 and every year up to NR2003 before joining iRacing in 2014.

Joey is currently a crew lead for Textron Aviation working on large business jets and have been employed there for 16 years.

Sim racing has opened up new friendships for him and being able to race with people you know (whether or not you have actually met them in person) is such an enjoyable experience.

He first raced in a league in the NR2003 sim and with the friendly competition, it was so enjoyable, whether you were good enough to win or not! When it comes to iRacing, Joey is not much of a setup guy, but it is still enjoyable to be able to race on a platform that makes anyone who loves competition salivate!

Joey looks forward to develop new friendships and camaraderie with fellow iRacing drivers and enthusiasts. Joey says “He has nothing but respect for those that can compete with the best, because he sure as heck can’t!”

Paul M Smith #97

Paul M Smith #97

Driver: Paul M Smith
Team: None
Number: 97
Sponsor: Mobil 1
Hometown: Anthem, AZ
Birthday: November 16, 1985

For the last ten years Paul has been employed as a software developer. With a passion for everything racing, computers and technology, the move into sim racing seemed like a real no brainer.

Paul first developed a passion for sim racing with recent titles such as Dirt Rally, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. But when he found iRacing, he realized that he had found his home. You can find Paul competing in the K & N National Series, the Xfinity B Car series and when time permits the Skip Barber series. A relative new-comer to the world of sim racing, Paul is coming to the realization that learning to be fast is easier than learning to race smart.

Wes Davis #98

Wes Davis #98

Wes Davis

Team: Davis Motorsports
Number: 98
Sponsor: Procore
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
Birth year: 1981


Been a sports and racing fan since I could walk. Grew up on the Football & Baseball fields. Played Football for 3 years at The University of Alabama in college. Graduated in 2004 from The University of Georgia with a degree in Agronomy and Turf Grass.

Former superintendent in the golf course industry with the PGA Tour TPC @ Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach , FL

Build and race street drag Mustangs. Started sim racing in 2013 and fell in love with it.


Paul House #19

Paul House #19

Driver: Paul House
Team: House Bros. Racing
Number: 19
Sponsor: Hardees
Hometown: Franklin, TN
Birthday: February 8, 1986

Paul graduated from Alabama-Birmingham and is an accountant in the media and entertainment industry with experience in North American and European markets. He wishes he had a cool racing experience story but really just grew up in a modest, NASCAR loving family with an early love for Bigfoot (monster truck) and the sounds of massive V8’s.

A lifelong fan of all forms of racing and cars, Paul started iRacing in 2012 with the hopes of starting a team with his brother. Unfortunately Paul’s brother passed away before they could accomplish their goal and then Paul had to take a break from racing to focus on obtaining his CPA license.

Paul enjoys running with the Old Bastards because it’s getting together with friends having a blast. He loves the solid structure, scheduling and the fact that you can learn so much from everyone in the league and we’re all willing to help each other out.

When not racing, Paul enjoys playing and watching hockey, travelling and reading. He’s also an expecting first-time father in July 2018!

Michael Dees #05

Michael Dees #05

Driver: Michael Dees
Team: Dees Racing
Number: 05
Sponsor: United States Air Force
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Birthday: August 13, 1962

Michael is retired after 20 years in the Air Force. He works for the USAF at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas as a Computer Support Technician.

Michael is originally from Dunedin, Florida (Tampa Bay area) and got interested in racing as a teenager watching short track racing at the Sunshine Speedway 1/4 mile oval. After joining the Air Force, he was stationed in Montgomery, Alabama where he watched NASCAR stars Bobby, Davey and Clifford Allison race along with Hut Stricklin and others. Michael spent a year in Greenland, then ended up in Texas, racing whatever computer games he could find. Friends got him involved in RC racing and wound up RC drag racing for years along with his wife who also loves racing. They have now switched over to drag racing 1/25 scale slot cars.

They are both huge baseball fans and have visited 23 major league ballparks with the goal to visit all of them.

Dave Hartman #1

Dave Hartman #1

Driver: Dave Hartman
Team: Hartman Motorsports
Number: 1
Sponsor: Leinenkugels
Hometown: Saranac, MI
Birthday: December 29, 1975

Dave is the co-owner of Carhart Products an automotive plastic recycling company based in Saranac, MI, that was founded in 2012 with his father.

Retired from driving dirt late models in 2018 after a long racing career competing across the Midwest in local, regional, and occasionally national events winning numerous races and awards while making great family memories.

He can now be found racing online with the OBRL racing series piloting the Leinenkugel, Summer Shandy Toyota #1 hot rod.

When Dave isn’t working he enjoys coaching youth football, golfing, snowboarding, and camping with his family.

Bobby Smith #8

Bobby Smith #8

Driver: Bobby Smith
Team: Tony Epperson Racing
Number: 8
Sponsor: Sherwin Williams Paints
Hometown: Martinsville Indiana
Birthday: August 17, 1968

Bobby works as a Project Manager for Epperson Painting for the last 22 years.

He was born into a racing family. His father raced and owned sprint cars that competed in USAC and local Indiana pavement dirt tracks. Bobby’s career began in the family quarter midget in 1973 and moved to UMRA TQ midgets in 1984. He then moved on to full midgets and sprint cars in 1990 competing on dirt and pavement as well as wing and non-winged in the family owned sprint cars.

Bobby started driving the Epperson Painting Tony Epperson # 8 sprint car and midget in 1995 until he retired from racing in 2008. Some of his racing accomplishments include 6 UMRA TQ A main wins, 1 USAC regional midget win, 2 Wing 360 sprint car A main wins, 4 Non wing 360 Hoosier Sprint Car A main Wins, 3 Non wing 410 A main wins including the Sheldon Kinser Classic at Paragon Speedway. 1993 Hoosier 360 Sprint Car Champion. 1994 USAC National Sprint Car Rookie of the year and 12th in points. 1999 Anderson Little 500 Rookie Of the Race. 2002 5th place in points in USAC Regional Midgets. Competed in 3 Chili Bowl Nationals with a G main win and only making it to the C-Main in 2002.

He joined iRacing in 2015 and raced on an off, but just did not like all wrecking while no one seemed to take it seriously. When the iRacing dirt racing came out last year Bobby decided to get serious and only race in leagues. It has been really enjoyable and is giving him his racing fix.

Bobby doesn’t have a lot of pavement experience in iRacing, but is determined to work hard and try to become a front runner with the Old Bastards Racing League. These guys are really clean fast racers and will bend over backwards to help you out.


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